June 11, 2008

I like it where the sun don't shine

This is not actually a sexual (p)reference but about that thought I kept forgetting for days now. The thing is, I don't like the sun. Not when it's full-on, summer, noon, evil sun. I have mentioned before that I have issues with heat, but I realised that it's actually the sun. I hate the bugger. Especially when there's not a single movement of air as well. Which is how it is these days.
I can stand heat, I even go to the sauna and such, but the sun burning down on me just isn't something I can handle. I get crabby and aggressive. I basically scoot from shadow to shadow, almost flattening myself against the cool walls of houses.
I am pretty glad that the next couple of days it will cool down a bit. I think I'm one of the very few people who rejoice when it's raining or at least cloudy.

on a different matter: do you have any idea how practical opposable thumbs are? I just found out since I sprained my right thumb on monday during training. It was my first training session in a long time and it was my own fault (I was holding the pad in a stupid angle while someone else , someone strong, was having a go at it with his fists), but so worth it, because I really enjoyed the training in general. Unfortunately now my thumb still hurts like hell. Typing works, but writing by hand is seriously out of the question. Also, thumbs are needed for quite a lot of actions in daily life. Who woulda thought...


laura said...

Your first injury connected with sports?
Very cool, like falling down from a horse for the first time. :o)
good luck and if you decide on not seeing a doctor (I know you, you certainly don't go to see a doctor) I recommend NOT wearing any kind of bandages and moving the thumb a lot. Exception: typing work where you should wear something that keeps your finger from moving in this unhealthy keypad-mode.
A pharmacist may also give you some pretty good cream that pretty much stops the pain.

mcCutcheon said...

No, not my first. I tend to hurt myself a lot just because I'm stupid and not because the excercise is especially challenging or anything ;)

that part about moving the thumb a lot - I got that just after taping it for a day (ouch). It's already a lot better, still quite a bit thicker than the left thumb, but way better. if it still hurts after the weekend I'm seeing a doctor, promise.

And btw. falling off a horse is not cool, not in any way I can think of *shudders*