June 13, 2008

The Top Chef Post

Ok, since LG asked (not that I wouldn't have blogged about it anyways): I love love love that Stephanie won Top Chef. Yes, Richard is probably the best chef in the competition, but in the finale he crashed and burned. Period. He was off his game. Lisa was pretty good, but I just didn't want her to win. Editing or not I still don't like her. I liked Stephanie from the very beginning, I think she is a fantastic chef, overall through the season I consider her second best to Richard, but with what she did in the finale she deserved this win. Also, there's the added bonus that there's finally, FINALLY a female Top Chef! Yay for Steph! Overall I would have enjoyed to see more of how Stephanie is during the season, we learned a lot about Richard, Antonia and some others, but she seems to be pretty uptight about her private life. Which I totally respect, but as a viewer I just would've liked to get to know her better.

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