June 07, 2008

Why was the previous post called no brownie points?

Because yesterday i made the brownies finn was raving about on her blog to bring some for my mum and i forgot to take them with me this morning. The fact that i forgot i wanted to blog about it while i was blogging is all the more proof for my damned goldfish memory... I am so pissed at myself.

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Shazza said...

Wait - it gets better!

mcCutcheon said...

you mean, the older I get?
probably right :)

Laura said...

hope you had a nice stay!

Shazza said...

Yup...I think that's what I meant....I forgot now.

mcCutcheon said...

@ shazza: LOL
I hear ya!

@Laura: yes, I did. I just ended up feeling a bit confused in the evening, what with being on a train for six hours and six hours in a different city and then arriving home on the same day. it felt like the day just slipped away.