September 05, 2008

I really need a new gig

I wrote an article about reverse graffiti last week. keep in mind that reverse graffiti is when you use a stencil to clean parts of a wall and not to spray stuff onto it. However, the readers of the paper I almost exclusively write for don't get that - they send stupid letters-to-the-editor. And neither does the chief editor - who in turn sends equally doubtful emails around the whole office. Now, please, also keep in mind, that I was very clear in the article about the fact that this isn't spraying but cleaning. They still complained about that. But they also complained about the things the guy I interviewed said - He was politically left-ish and uttered some anti-police power things, i.e. that he was glad to have found something that annoyed the police but which they couldn't do anything about since it was legal. So they actually complained about the quotes (!) I happened to use. One of my co-workers (right wing, pro-police, openly racist, misogynist, homophobic) apparently ranted the whole day about that, I was told (I didn't work today, so a co-worker called me to warn me of Monday)

Again, I really need to finish uni so I can finally start looking for work elsewhere. There's not much choice here, but there's one daily that doesn't enforce this right-wing, neo-liberalist bullshit all the other twits do. One paper. One paper! Crap, I'm probably gonna end up moving to a different country rather sooner than later.

P.S.: in case you wondered: everyone knows about the openly racist guy's openly racist slurs - also he doesn't really work much or well - yet no one does something about it. not my boss, not the editor-in-chief. Sad, isn't it. How disillusioned would I have to become to be able to work in such a place?


Laura said...

... this sucks.

I really hate it when people don't bother to read something before complaining about it. Happens often, though.

Red Eyes said...

I really love your blog