September 27, 2008

I'm back (unfortunately)

We're back from Sweden. Arrived safe and sound yesterday evening and spent today refilling the fridge and doing loads and loads of washing. I've caught up on my emails and we've watched some of the shows we missed last week. And I started playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, on which I should be writing my very first game review. As much as I enjoy being back I just love being in bumfuck, sweden for a whole week with no computers, games or emails. I did check my mail once or twice on my phone but only to find out about my job interview - btw: I didn't get the job, but it's ok. We had a TV and did watch, but quite lazily - simply turning the tv on without a clue what's on is way different than actively watching a lot of shows. I really enjoyed that, not giving a flying fuck about all the white noise technology makes in my life. Just us, nature, fresh air (right now I hate being back in the city), driving places in our rental car - it was wonderful and I wish I could go back. Because, unfortunately, my mother managed to ruin my first evening back by calling me just to tell me my father has pains in his leg again (he had a bypass years ago but kept on smoking and drinking like a mutherfucka, so no surprise there) - couldn't she have waited a day, just to let me settle back in and maybe get one last relaxing evening? My dad refuses to see a doctor, not about his leg, his stomach problems nor his ongoing lifelong depression. But then me mum kept complaining about my dad being unfair to her yadda yadda yadda all the usual shit. That's what she calls me for - just to complain. I'm gonna have to tell her to get herself some friends or a good shrink, because she's been overstepping my boundaries for a very long time now.

So yeah, I'm back and have to deal with going to a workplace I've begun to hate, I have approximately 6 weeks to study for my final exam plus I have to deal with stuff my mum is not capable of dealing with. We need to get my dad to a doctor (no clue how I'll manage that), meanwhile my grandma will move into a retirement home in hungary which occupies most of my mum's time and my dad's ex-wife who is family to all of us has cancer and will be having an operation in october. I'm pretty sure the next 8 weeks will be hell, so guess what: I WANNA GO BACK TO SWEDEN! like, right now.

however, I did miss you all, dear readers and bloggers and am looking forward to catching up with what you've blogged while I was gone from the land of the internets :)

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