October 12, 2008

bad patient

I did everything right. for once! I went to bed early, slept for 11 hours, stayed under the blanket the next day, drank my tea, took my homeopathic remedies, took some aspirin c and some paracetamol. and what do I get instead of better - yup, worse. Last night I started coughing and feeling woozy - basically feeling sick. grrrr... and now finn made me inhale and I'm taking stronger meds and staying in bed. grrr... I'm a really bad sick person. I hate lying in bed, I can only sleep so much and lying around doing nothing (because computers and reading is supposedly to exhausting) bores me immensly.

Being sick sucks. Especially since I really need to get with the studying.


LG said...

Feel better! Being sick DOES suck. I'm a bad patient too, so I totally get it.

mcCutcheon said...

I think I'm just too impatient to be properly sick.

Maria said...

Cuddle down and REST. Someone very wise once gave me some excellent advice when I was bellyaching about having to be stuck in bed. She told me to go and buy every magazine around that even looked vaguely interesting.

The idea is that you are too sick to really get into a book, but reading magazine articles is a good way to spend your down time.

And she was right.