October 18, 2008

venturing out in blogville

During my travels on the internets - procrastination, call me mistress (but not in a dirty way!) - I came across a couple of blogs lately that I happened to like. I can't really remember how I found them, but I'm pretty sure twitter is responsible. I decided to include some of those on my blogroll since I liked them so much:

For one there's Backpacking Dad, who met Wil Wheaton (for which I'm totally envious). He carries his daughter around in one of those baby backpacks and he's a fellow geek plus I kinda have a thing for doting fathers - I think it's cute.

Then there's stacyjill who somehow found me on twitter and seems like a nice gal with a certain understanding of why I really need to see Twilight and a girlfriend who isn't so keen on this movie.

And because I always appreciate well written cookblogs (food + humorous writing = good) I decided to add Steamy Kitchen to those I already regularly read.

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