October 24, 2008

weight loss plan for 10 days while studying hardcore

I love to cook and eat. Also I tend to eat for various reasons, be it boredom or stress, and even more when I'm studying or not very content with my situation - which at the moment I'm both. But now the plan is to:

- eat light and stay away from sugar and probably also fat as much as possible
- don't overindulge (my biggest problem with the whole weight thing)
- drink loads and loads of unsweetened tea and water to avoid hunger
- snack on fruits and veggies (that is without a fatty dip sauce)
- do sit-ups daily
- if possible go for bike rides or work outs in the morning when studying is not an option because of the brain-deadness.

I know this isn't healthy. But my suit doesn't fit or I don't fit into my suit - whichever it is, I need to loose a couple of kilos within the next 10 days so I can wear it to my exam. It's the kind of thing one has to dress up for unfortunately, so no, my comfy jeans and a tee are not an option ;)

I did want to loose weight anyway, just not this fast. But at least now I have real motivation...

edit: I know this post seems rather ironic after the pudding one.


Rebecca said...

Drinking unsweetened tea always feels so healthy.

Madame said...

Why don't you buy a new suit? Try to geht a cheap and good looking :-)

mcCutcheon said...

madame, you're not the first to suggest that. Problem 1) I don't have time to go out and shop for a suit. 2) I don't have the money to shop for a new suit and 3) unfortunately H&M doesn't work for me like it does for others - I can never find clothes that fit me there!