November 05, 2008

Tell ABC that they made the wrong choice

The following letter just went to ABC, unfortunately their contact form is restricted to a certain number of characters. But I hope you will make a statement anyway. It might be especially important now that prop8 and prop2 have passed in California and Florida

Dear ABC executives, I want to express my disappointment about learning that ABC is abruptly ending Brooke Smith's time on Grey's Anatomy. I have a hard time believing the sudden "killing off" (though not literally) of Erica Hahn had nothing to do with her sexual orientation. It is a shame to let such a character go because whether gay, straight or bisexual - Hahn is an intriguing character. The shame is even bigger since her coming out moment was one of the best ever seen on TV. Sincerely, mcC

you can tell ABC they suck here

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Rebecca said...

1) I heart Erica Hahn - she is one of the only interesting characters left on that show. Well, WAS one of the only interesting characters left.

2) Her coming out moment was AWESOME. Truly. Whoever wrote that is brilliant, and Brooke Smith acted it beautifully.

3) As much as I want her on that show, and as much as I was rooting for Erica and Callie, they had no chemistry. Zero. It was getting painful to watch.

4) But they still should have kept Erica. She could have just dated someone else.

5) Grey's Anatomy used to be awesome.

6) Now it blows.