December 04, 2008

Goodbye or Auf Wiedersehen?

I just got dumped - by a friend. Actually she's probably the only real friend I had besides Finn who just happens to be my person, my lover and my best friend. But some things Finn doesn't get about me, however much she loves me. And that's OK, because for those things I had someone else who understood. Don't get me wrong, I have other friends, but they're all aquaintance-like friends. I like them all a lot, but in a moment of need I wouldn't trust them 100% to be there for me. I trusted C. with that, and I still do - we both made it clear that the door will never be closed. But she decided that since we've been living in different galaxies for quite some time now we might as well properly part ways. And as much as it hurts me to say goodbye (even if only temporarily) I have to admit she's right. We were simply not good together lately. And I admire that she had the strength to take that step. I know I wouldn't have, because I'm just not good with saying goodbye and letting people who are generally close to me out of my sight.
Maybe we will one day be in the same room again and be able to really hear the other person again. I'm pretty confident that we will. And I know that I can always call her if I need to. But for now our ways have parted, for now I have lost a friend, someone who was dear to me. To be fair, I'm not the only one she's cutting loose, but that doesn't make it easier for either of us.

In any case, she just left (ironically, we had a better talk than we did in a very long time) and I had to think about the following song. I thought about the music, but figured the lyrics are quite fitting themselves.
I think she'd like it. So this is for you, C.

I apologise to those who don't understand a word of this because they don't know any german. I'm sorry.

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Shazza said...

Sorry to hear this McC. I hope you are OK.