January 09, 2009

Blogging on-the-go

First the good news: There's a list of topics I want blog about. Long content-filled posts. The kind that faithful readers like. The bad news: I don't get to write them, not yet.

I have been swamped with work lately. And when i'm not actually working I just want to hang out on the couch and switch my brain off. Right now i'm on my way to a gaming event the company I work for is hosting. It's what we've been working on these past weeks. Tomorrow as well.

I'm looking forward to taking it easier next week, at least that's what I was planning on. By now I'm convinced that I have been postponing so many tasks and meetings to just-not-this week that I'm going to be even busier once this 2-day event is in the past.
I have a ton of articles to research and write and I promised a couple of ppl to meet them come january.
I'll also have to organise my getting back to studying, re-apply for uni, get someone to help me with my taxes, tell social security that my working circumstances have changed, start working out again etc. etc.

Come to think of it, next week doesn't exactly sound slow to me. But what terrifies me most of course is the exercise part of it...

OK... Almost there. Keep your fingers crossed for loads of media attention at our event, please.

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1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Aaarrrggghhh. I know how you feel (kind of). I'm moving in a couple of months and I don't even want to start thinking about everything I need to do.

Good luck.