February 12, 2009

And I thought the glass ceiling would be an issue...

Face first. Full speed.
That's how I ran into a glass door when leaving work.

See, the door is evil. It is already responsible for a couple of other crashes of my co-workers. And today it claimed me. A colleague of mine sent out a memo yesterday that we should try to save money (and the earth) by turning lighs off and door closed to keep the warmth in. So when I left work I turned off the lights in my office and walked towards the exit. Unfortunately, it was so dark that I didn't see that the door in front of me was closed. I realised however that this was the case when my nose hit the glass.

My teeth are still ringing. My nose is swollen (it's not like it wasn't big enough to begin with). And I feel a little worn down by pain, shock and humiliation. But my head doesn't hurt and I don't feel sick. So I decided not to go to the hospital but to make myself feel better with Grammelknödeln, Coca Cola and ice cream. I hope my food is ready soon. Am hungry and in dire need of comfort. I'll just crash on the couch and watch some brainless TV.

I sure hope the swelling goes down. Got no ointments here for that. Just ice packs.
OK, I just called my mum to ask her to bring me some traumeel. Do I feel less grown up now? Maybe. But that stuff really works wonders. I was basically using it daily as a kid, even back then I always managed to constantly bump into things.

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LG said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better. Hopefully Finn will be back soon to help comfort you? I hope the pain goes away soon.