April 21, 2009

LF Gamer Name

Much like Finn has asked you to help her decide between her chars, I am now asking you to help me find a gamer name for me. I'm planning to use it for registration on any games network and later on even as an xBox gamer tag (I realise I'm probably going to have to add numbers to it though).

So here are three choices I'm asking you to rate, but please feel free to add any other name you can think off incl. reasons why it would fit with me in the comments section (or within the poll if you don't feel comfortable commenting).


mccutcheon said...

ch3rrypi3 seems to be the only one still available on xbox live, but never mind that, I'm prepared to add numbers :)

L. said...

I was of the dand3lion fraction.
It fits you.

Rebecca said...

ch3rrypi3 sounds sexual to me, like a Britney Spears schoolgirl with a lollipop. I don't actually know what fits you, since I don't *really* know you, but I also voted for dand3lion. Because I like it.

Laura Valerie said...

ch3rrypi3 really sounds like Britney Spears. With this pink rubber costume. : P

mccutcheon said...

I settled on dandelion partly in l33t to seem like I'm down with the cool kids. hey, those 16 year old eSports brats gotta learn to respect me one of these days!

so: d4nd3li0n it is :) thanks for helping me out with this. I'm quite happy I didn't have to ignore what democracy spoke.

mccutcheon said...

and get off my back about cherrypie, you two! :P

and L.: call me!