May 20, 2009

All good things...

I'm retiring this blog. After 5 years and 1004 posts it just isn't what it was anymore. I haven't been updating properly. I've been censoring myself because I realized there were things that some people who where dropping by here shouldn't read. I'm not saying this is an absolute never ever again thing, that I just couldn't do. I might come back, occasionally, maybe for good, so keep it in your feedreader. But like my blog peep LG I have created a safe haven for my thoughts elsewhere. Where, basically, you specifically and personally are welcome. So write me an email, fb-message, dm on twitter or contact me via kontactr if you want to continue reading my stuff and can handly a little explicit language, thoughts on sex and sexuality etc. I'd be happy to send you the link. For now I say "See ya, Squishy Thoughts", you have served me well, you're loved, and I could never ever destroy you... ever!

mcC xxx

P.S. oh shit, this is harder than I thought it would be :(
edit: P.P.S: maybe I'll keep it for the random stuff? *sigh*


LCD SEX said...
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Rebecca said...

Awesome. I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Kind of bittersweet, isn't it? Some days I miss the old blog, but most days I don't. I've loved reading yours though, and will miss the Squishy Thoughts.

G (LG) said...

Shit, I hit enter too soon and my comment showed up as anonymous. But really, it was ME.

Shazza said...

Hey Squishy one - I'm very sorry to see you go. You were one of the first blogs that I ever read!!!

I do understand and hope to see you on FB.

Hugs to you and keep in touch!


Zoe said...

I've been feeling the same way about my blog.

Laura Valerie said...

... I understand these thoughts about censoring yourself... I have a similiar feeling about my blog: There is basically nothing deep or interesting written down in mine . Because I know that everyone could read it (I mean, my future boss, my co-workers, unknown stalkers, some acquaintance, people you never liked, people you like and want to keep on liking you...)

Write about how X. annoyed you - no way, maybe some of X's friends drop by!
Write about how something about the kids is unnerving - no way, they'll grow and read it all and will feel sad about it.

... I go for paperblanks with the other stuff.

This is sad somehow. I'll miss dropping by at your blog =: ( Especially because I won't go to Vienna until the summer holidays.
Take care of you, your beloved, and your bunnies and everyone around you : )

Maria said...

Ah...I will truly miss those squishy thoughts.