July 23, 2005

I'm gonna fall asleep in the backseat ...

I remember that approximately 5 hours ago I was hopelessly flattered.

then I hung up the phone, turned on as many lights as possible and started working. and here I am 5 hours and not even so much coffee later with at least a little less of a heap of work in my head. on the other hand: I don't make sense anymore. at least my sentences don't. and typing is one helluva work, believe me ...

I even missed the sunrise... typical... once I do work (if!) I won't even stop for sunrise... gah. what a pity. but now I'm gonna go and sit on my couch for a moment and open the window (I won't dare sitting on the window pane for fear of falling asleep and out of the window immediately after having turned off the computer.)

so long, I'll be off for a good couple of hours of sleep now, and thanks for all the fish.

cause that's how tired I am:
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