July 21, 2005

pink sheep of the family

"the hair" originally / in not-meant-to-fade technicolor
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"the hair" now / in shit-it-did-fade pink sheep adequate coloring
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it is proven. My hair is pink.
but I swear to everyone who just hurt their eyes seeing this: "the hair" will be going back to normal again!


Finn said...

pleeeezze, let it be a kind of copper color... *puppy eyes*

_mcCutcheon said...

argl. don't do that puppy eyes thing on me! (or I'll give you a whole puppy episode... LOL. how unfunny!)

but yes... I am planning to use a more "natural" color this time around. just for you, babe! well.. and for everyone else who's been annoying me about my hair ;)