October 25, 2005

tick tock

somebody please tell my biological clock to stop ticking. the sound is disturbing when you're trying to think.

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Anonymous said...

so it's ticking, that funny clock, right? you're...erm...how old again? i jolly hope that i got ya wrong on that one, otherwise your mood of the day sounds like some desperate, totally frustrated 42-year-old housewife. which you are not, methinks. so please, give us a break and stick to what you are. this is as ridiculous as your tiny little speech today in F517 - it was about politics. and not homosexuals rights, mind that. no one knew why you had to stress that (again), cause actually no one cared. in fact, it was kinda embarassing for it had nothing to do with the topic. it just seemed like you wanted to tell the whole class about something. especially a certain person. and i'd say you should be a little more sensitive about what you're saying. jolly fine that you're doing ok, enjoy it, but stop showing everyone. you're behaviour is so wrong at the moment and you don't get it.