October 22, 2005

wrong kinda people

anyone else care to tell me that I shouldn't whine about working 10 hours a day on a weekend because I do have a job and I chose it myself and hey, I love that job anyways?

I swear
I'm gonna kill ya.

step forward, idiots.

so back to the loving place ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gosh, So your're alive then? Thank fuck!

Good to know that you have become a good oiled machine and not a wifey.(Note: I hate that term) And stop whining! You're giving my eyes a headache! Again you're right, you chose it so live with it! Muahaha is that me just being evil? Its dreadfuly cold over here, can you guess who? Up in bonnie Scotland ;)Hehe jus watching scrubs its great i hated it in German but dude they rock in English. Having a Halloween party/house warming party, looks like my flat ain't gonna hold the numbers! Whopsie! Went to Paris for a couple of days to see family it was great, and was really looking forward to going to see Tracy Chapman in Edinburgh, BUT Lou surprised me with ticket to Florence for our 1st year, and its the weekend of the concert so selling my tickets on ebay! But its worth it, cause she plays in Edinburgh once a year so I'll go next year. Anyway....email moi!

N. x