February 14, 2007

a day in the flat

I just watched that 9 min justin timberlake vid (it's more like a mini movies though), and I'm not a fan of his or anything but I came to think that he actually makes good music videos.

I've seen this today, because luck bought me a day off from work so I'm catching up on all the stuff I haven't done lately. watch e.r., surf the internet, cook, read. I'm gonna have to go shopping though before I can start in the kitchen. I'd like to see it as maybe a valentines day kinda thing for my girl, but in fact the slow & free me I am today I'm not even sure I will make it INTO the kitchen. cuz needless to say the couch is real nice too.

last night's show was grand btw cuz I got to actually do some stuff and got my name on the credits. I just love it when something breaks out 2 hours before show and everything is just so fast and great and so tv.

I'm gonna go shopping now. really. I am.

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