February 15, 2007

Angela Robinson, I love you

Bette: I'm going to kill myself.
Kit: Before you kill yourself, Jenny wants to know do you wanna go to a premiere with her tomorrow night?
Bette: I can't go. Because I'll be dead. Because I will have killed myself. Phyllis will not get off the f---ing phone.
Kit: Well, Shane's on the phone wit' Alice now.
Bette: Tell her to tell Alice to break it off. Right now.
Kit: [calling across the room] Shane. Bette said tell Alice to call Phyllis and break it off with her right now.
Shane: [into the phone] OK, look, Kit says that Bette says that you need to call Phyllis and break it off with her right now.
Alice: [yelling] I did!
Shane: [to Kit] She did.
Kit: [into the phone] She did.
Bette: Well, tell her to do it again.
Kit: [to Shane] Do it again.
Shane: Look, Alice, will you please let this woman off the hook?
Alice: Oh, really: You of all people are giving me advice on how to let a girl down easy?
Shane: You know what? I don't think that — I don't think that response is necessary at all.
Alice: [to a random homeless guy walking by] I don't have any money. [yelling] I don't have any money!

thank you so very much!

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