May 09, 2007

the hammock and the pains

we bought a hammock. it's taking up half our living room, but it's also - wait for it - fucking AWESOME!

my pains are not just heartaches but also real physical aches. I had three shots in my shoulder today, because it has been hurting ever since I had that bike accident last september. well now, after these three excruciating shots my shoulder hurts to a point where I can't move my arm without wincing. even typing is kinda awful. My physician has told me to go easy on it, no sports, but I can't just stop doing shinergy! I mean, I NEED the exercise, I go all grumpy and fidgety if I can't do that. So I'll go see the only doctor I can stand (I even like him!) next week: my osteopath. Let's see what he suggests.

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LG said...

Perfect! I have to buy some furniture for the new pad, and a hammock sounds awfully enticing.

Your shoulder problems sound like my knee problems.