May 24, 2007

Lyra, Pan & Iorek Byrnison

you might remember that some time ago voiced my plan to order philip pullman's his dark materials. well, I did and now I'm completely, utterly, hopelessly lost in his world. I've already soaked up the first book the golden compass or northern lights as it was called in its first release in britain. i like it so much I didn't even play the x-men game for a couple of days. I need a reading break though before I start with the second book, the subtle knife. and as I can't surf the internet for fear of seeing who won idol before I watched the finale I'm gonna have to go play a little with kurt wagner & co.

P.S. I love boxed sets, but what bothers me about them is that I can never make the books fit in again properly after I've read them... yes, I admit to being one that breaks books (only the ones I own), it's just more comfy when reading.

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