May 22, 2007

all's well...

we came back from hamburg yesterday and vienna already sucks. we're both super-tired but can't catch enough sleep. I tried this morning but someone kept unloading empty (!!!) pallets in the street. so I gave up on sleep. finn's not feeling well but going to uni and working and I myself am having stomach probs again since we're back. I didn't exactly eat healthy in hamburg but I had virtually no problems. maybe being in vienna just sucks. maybe vienna isn't good for me. in fact it definitely isn't cuz it's too fucking hot in this city. I don't live in southern europe! if I wanted that i would have MOVED there. I don't want 30° Celsius in my everyday life. heck, i don't even like that in my holidays which is why i like to go to places like hamburg or england or scotland or scandinavia. austria is not exactly the tropics, so i'd very much appreciate it wouldn't pretend to be.

at least in the electronic department everything's fine. ipod? -check. laptop? -check.

the weather is STILL bothering me...

also we can now buy a new couch because I will be doing a couple of internships starting in august and up until may. which means that I will earn about 500 euro a month which should cover our extra expenses and make financial life a lot easier in general. also we decided we want to change our apartment - besides buying a new sofa. visiting r. in hamburg always does that to me, because her apartment is so inspiring. she does so much with it, builds her own shelves and pottery and it's all just really nice. so we decided we might want to paint our furniture white, cuz we don't mind a bit of country house style. we just have to get my mum to unclaim the furniture before we can do that (complicated's my mum's second name). finn wants to build a little sidetable that goes with the new sofa and we're looking to buy an old chest to replace our coffee table, which HAS to go cuz we can't look at it much longer. also we're thinking about painting one wall turquoise. we started the change by taking down the red curtains and putting up the blue ones. and already we feel a lot better.

I'll start planning in two days because today I have to go edit our piece and tomorrow I have the dreaded gastroscopy. I don't so much dread the procedure, I know that once they'll have put me down I won't feel a thing. but I hate that I can only have to dry white rolls in the morning and the appointment only at 3 o'clock. what doctor that does these kind of procedures is only taking patients in the afternoon??? duh!

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