May 01, 2007

money, kids and a rabbit

we went over to sophie's place last night and had a blast playing poker. I've never played it before, but last night showed me that I should definitely not try it in a real casino with real money. I seem to have difficulties getting out of the game even if my hand sucks. I just keep betting more and more... not good, but fun as long as the chips are only chips and don't really symbolise money. at one point I managed to get out early in a couple of rounds and then finally won a couple of times. aaaah, gaming can be fun. and we munched yummy stuff all the time. it just was a really really nice evening.

and this afternoon we had guests. the single mom living upstairs from us with her 1.5 yr old toddler who is adorable. at least for a couple of hours. oh, and finn (a.k.a. the girlfriend, not USUALLY a child) wants a rabbit now. we've gone past both the goldfish and the chinchilla phase, it's gotta be a rabbit these days. I have yet to win this game - where are my poker chips?

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