July 09, 2007

36 hours of DIY

We spent the weekend remodeling our living room cabinet. Cuz that's what we lesbians lesbians & bisexuals do ;)

We started out with this boring old piece and used sanding paper to roughen it up a little:

when the room became a little crowded with drawers and boards we played a little hide and seek:

on went the glaze. twice. the beer helped a lot with the waiting process ;)

in the end victory was mine ours:

and this is the result in all its daylight glory and we love it a lot (I've been looking at that same stupid wood color for 13-or-so years now, so I'm really glad about the change):

refreshments used: marshmallows, cookies, salad, cake (not necessarily in that order)

To follow in this remodeling themed summer: new couch, new bathroom light, change shoe cabinet, paint wall.

also from now on I shall flickr. damn peer pressure...


finn said...

you forgot the things on our bedroom cupboard...deliberately, if i might ask? we have to go through them and throw some things out, you know :))

oh this is the most beautiful piece of furniture ever seen in my life!!! I love it...

mcCutcheon said...

I just don't see throwing out stuff as part of the remodeling process. oh, and babe? stop gushing already :)

LG said...

Welcome to the Flickr Family! Way to succumb to peer pressure! I put wayyy too many pics up there.

Lovely remodeling, btw. Now I feel so bored with what I have at home ...