July 11, 2007

anniversaries are for wussies (no offence, I'm just looking for a catchy title is all)

Friends of ours celebrate every monthly anniversary (or is that a monthliversary?). we on the contrary suck at anniversaries. First we never can think of anything special to do, I mean, we LIVE together, we can usually almost always make time to spend together, except for exam times that is. Second: Once we find something to do it usually doesn't work out because we're too lazy.

Last year we went in search for a restaurant that turned out to have been discontinued and then we raced our bikes through half of Vienna for another place where I had made emergency reservations but never been before. The restaurant turned out to be amazing, lovely food from all kinds of African countries and a great mint shisha to follow. But we just had dinner like every other once in a while when we go for dinner. we were pretty uncelebratory, and I'm pretty convinced that after we came home we watched a couple of Buffy episodes back to back .

This year instead of going for lunch at elliefant and to the cinema to see Shrek III , which was the plan, we didn't even make it out of the house! We actually stayed home, slept in, enjoyed our favourite rainy weather from the inside, playing sims pet stories, eating really yummy salad and watching brothers & sisters s1 episodes while cuddling on the couch. We really really suck at this. On the other hand why should we make a big deal out of our relationship once a year, just because convention dictates us to? I know almost every day of the rest of the year that I made the right choice with this girl, the 10th of July is nothing different when it comes to that.

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