July 12, 2007

What's not to like?

"Inspired" by the recent surge of acronyms and the quite frequent occurrence of gushing on my part about women (or occasionally men) appearing on my gaydar or just my radar, I'm introducing WNTL?: "What's not to like?" The first of hopefully many installments (it's not like I'm ever going to stop looking at gorgeous people):

Rachel Maddow

I recently (OK, yesterday) made alterNet my home page when I start firefox and my gaydar screeched when I innocently started a video on the first page and ended up with this.
my inner journalist of course immediately did a re-check aaaaaaand a double check and yep, she's out and proud. and omg isn't she gorgeous? plus she's got a doctorate in political science. Usually being on Air America she has this radio way of talking, which can look a little awkward when she's actually visible while doing it, but still... what's not to like? I for one am into women who are smart and sexy, and being a bit on the butch side does help too :)

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