August 29, 2007

My perfect year / Ode to a season

work is being really slow and boring today, and I have a lot of time on my hands to spend on the internet. so I finally went to to check out a couple of recipes. It took about only two or three somewhat autumn themed recipes to make me yearn for the best of all seasons. basically it had me at caramel apples...

I love autumn. fall. call it what you will. it's just my all time favourite season. if I were to have it my way, the whole year would consist mostly of autumnish times. indian summer followed by a couple of golden gleaming months of autumn. leaves falling, pumpkin soup, lots of warm spices and teas, loads of slow food, fireplaces (if only we had one) and long walks in woods and parks and gardens, rooky skies. I really like wearing light jackets. I look good in jackets, but you can't wear those in summer and in winter you'll just freeze your ass of.
maybe top it all of with a wee bit of winter. But a proper one like we don't get them anymore, with enough snow to go for a sleigh-ride and a proper week of skiing maybe, ice skating, lots more of evenings with tea and fireplaces. No slushy, muddy snow (fuck global warming) and warm weather in which you actually feel stupid wearing your winter's coat or jacket. I want to freeze my ass of for a couple of weeks around christmas. But a couple of weeks is all I need. Then a bit of spring should be fine, but while at it may I ask for a lot of rain, please? or not. just keep summer to a minimum, will you? after that we can go back to the indian summer and start anew. Is it too much to ask?

Today the weather is very autumn-like (after all we're approaching September), and I've been hearing crows for a couple of weeks now (no, not just in my head, they're really there, outside my window) but I fear it might not last very long. It doesn't usually, not the last couple of years. I worry that there won't be enough autumn-time for me to annoy my sweetheart with every pumpkin dish possible (mostly because she won't let me), make caramel apples, spiced tea and all other autumn recipes I may find and take a liking to. Enough time and place for cosy evenings on the couch and warm lighting in the living room, time to use the melancholy to write, be creative. Oh my, I really love this season.


ritu said...

i thought meloncholy was not allowed any more? allright a littl ebit has to be there if you are a writer. but i think what will do the trick is caramelized apples, with lots of cinnamon,and maybe a bit of clove as well.
i hear you guys had a very very nice and long summer did'nt you?

mcCutcheon said...

well, to some people it probably was a nice summer. to me it was mostly long. and too hot. As you could probably deduct from my ode to autumn I can't stand the heat, so I can't stand summer.
I'll do caramel apples once I'm allowed to eat sugar again. Hopefully that will be October already...

ritu said...

i hate the heat.. we live our days in and out of AC which too I hate
in the city that i live the tempratures go up to 45 degrees, and can you imagine what it is like in the kitchen. thankfully we have three months in a year which is like your "Autumn

Shazza said...

Hi mccutcheon -

Autumn is my favorite as well. I love the smells and the crispness in the air and the's just a beautiful season. I can easily spend my whole weekend just walking around in the parks around me or at some of the harvest festivals.

I'll have to take your advice about the cinnamon and clove in the carmelized apples ritu...mmmmm, that sounds scrumptious!