August 28, 2007

I shall live

It actually wasn't that bad, just a little uncomfortable at times.
and the doctor was a really nice woman, great doctor with a pretty interesting life story.
she told me to start drumming and meditation. and that I shouldn't take everything to heart, ponder less. so I decided to do more shinergy, try the drumming, maybe finally try yoga in case I like it after all, and generally take things a little less seriously. fret less.

I should be fine.


ritu said...

so it seems you have IBS
which means yoga is a must an d so is less stress.
i do meditation and love it

LG said...

i'm glad you're ok! what an experience. i thought my bedpan experience was bad, but you probably win with this one.

mcCutcheon said...

I wiiiing, I wiiin! ;)
thanks, lg. but bedpan experience? huh?

@ritu: she didn't say anything about IBS. according to wikipedia (haha) I have three of the causes for IBS: stress, bacterial overgrowth and food allergies. But as I said my doctor doesn't say anything about IBS, so I guess it's just coincidence.