September 04, 2007


I am craptastically bored. a new month brings a new internship, unfortunately it also means a new newspaper, which isn't exactly my favourite. So accordingly I think the people are weird. I didn't come in here biased, but so far they all seem pretty uptight and stick-up-their-ass. and those who aren't seem pretty pretentious. also the paper is hyper-organised, which means I can't do shit until I've had my training on their cms. at least I scored an internet connection, but their sysetm is horribly instable. also it's frickin cold in here and did I mention I am bored? A lot of organisation only leads to unflexibility - something I've never been a fan of. They hinted that interns don't usually do anything by themselves in the first week... duh! I can write, I can do research and I don't need a week to grasp how a cms works.

sniff. I want to go back to my old internship. to the easy going, laissez faire people there. like right now.

and if they already know I won't be doing anything today, then why do I have to be here?


ritu said...

that really is a good question.. why can't u get a day off if you are not supposed to do much? or better still why can't you get thursday off so u can go for the concert

mcCutcheon said...

that would be another thursday. I'll just read a couple more x-men issues and then try to weasel out of here...