September 04, 2007

bow to the internet

thanks to CDisplay and Ultimate X-Men I now have something to do.

note to self: remember to bring tea bags to work to prevent freezing. They're kind of weird here with drinks too. No, I'm not going to buy a whole sack of expensive coffee when I'll consume about 5 cups here in one month...

I wanna go home :(
or to my old job.
but rather home.

I really shouldn't have taken this internship just because I could. When I got my four-month internship at the ORF I should have shot this one down. 5 months are easily enough plus I would have had a whole month's time to work on thesis stuff... let's just hope this gets better or that I at least can continue to do other stuff while at work.


ritu said...

i too wanna go home :o(

Shazza said...

Was it any better today McCutcheon?