September 17, 2007

no sleep tonight

finn already said it all, but hey, I gotta vent too. So I don't know how it all happened but between work and housework and finishing the draft for my thesis I barely have time to breathe. Also I seem to want to spend my time watching tv and/or the bunnies. so that's not helping either.
At least my sponsor has finally answered in the affirmative so that's good.

I wrote a huge article about the Emmys today, hope it's good, am waiting for feedback now.
edit: feedback was OK.

Right now I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time: coffee. with milk. and SUGAR. not good for my sugar-free health program, but neither were the gingerbread cookies I scrounged earlier today. but I feel like I really need the sugar now, so it's ok. it's not a craving, just the certifiable knowledge that it will get me through the day. long day. whatever time I leave the office today I will go work out. just 45 min on the crosstrainer and I will be fine, but I can't even move anymore thanks to the past movement-free week and I'm really cross too. I packed my clothes and everything. must work out. even if it means getting home much later to the bunnies and the sick gf. and then I have to sit down and get some thesis reading done or I'm screwed.

at the end of this post I also want to greet a very old friend of mine: welcome back, insomnia. nope, no sleep for me.

what makes my day: this


finn said...

"even if it means getting home much later to the bunnies and the sick gf" anyone notice something wrong in the priorities here??

Anonymous said...

No, article about Emmys not good. Please write SPOILER at the beginnig before you give away the ending of a TV series. You have ruined it for me, thank you. Don't aspiring journalists konow about such things? Sorry for posting here, but I didn't find any mail information.

mcCutcheon said...

I thought a long time about writing out the ending or not (for all others: I sketched out the ending of "the sopranos"). I decided FOR it, because it doesn't actually spoil anything. you don't know anything about where the series went NOW that you didn't know BEFORE reading my article. The ending of the series doesn't tell you about any deaths, it doesn't tell you about any killings, I doesn't actually tell you anything about the series at all. In fact, all you get is information about an artistic aspect of making tv. what I described was a self-contained scene, that doesn't have anything to do with the general direction. I stand by my decision: it was not a spoiler. you can still watch "the sopranos" (oh wait, it's not even on in austria...)

please feel free to post another comment, this time under your email-address instead of "anonymous" (it won't show on the blog) and I shall write back to you. or you can now contact me via the website you originally found me on (I added an email adress there).

sweetmeat said...

First I want to apologize for my rather rude comment - it is not OK to post an anonymous (which was not my intention after all) comment like this on somebody's blog, but since I was actually quite pissed at that moment, well...
However, I appreciate your willingness to discuss this topic, and I understand the point you are trying to make.
Yes, it may be a self-contained scene, but even in this short description you are giving away too much information - information I didn't request when I am supposedly reading an article about who won which Emmy. You are not talking about any deaths or murders, but now I know who WON'T die or be murdered or whatever. Even this is too much information. And of course the open ending leaves too much room for speculations which I don't want to make at this point where I haven't seen any episodes from the final season.
I have constantly avoided reading anything about the Sopranos lately, in fear of spoilers, and I certainly didn't expect that information when reading your article, so this unexpectedness also added to my annoyance.
And this has nothing to do with you in special, I guess I just don't like this omniscient attitude towards readers which I noticed a lot lately.

(I actually cannot remember how I found your blog, although I just tried before, so I still couldn't find your e-mail-address. I posted mine nevertheless)
Greetings, Katrin

mcCutcheon said...

Hi Katrin,

thank you for stepping out of the veil so to speak. I think it's great that you came forward again and explained why it was a spoiler for you. many people (possibly a majority) wouldn't have taken it as a spoiler. but as you did, I apologise for the inconvenience. I know what it's like, two years ago "Der Standard" spoiled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I can assure you however, that you don't have to read anything into what I have written about the sopranos, because I haven't seen one single episode myself. so even if I wanted I couldn't tell you anything spoilerish. I noticed the media frenzy when the episode aired in the U.S., read a bunch of recaps and reviews and watched the last scene on youtube.

On my screenblog I usually alert my readers to spoilers; however in a traditional newspaper that isn't possible. My intention was not to be omniscient, it just deemed it a good opening.

greetings back,

p.s. your email address didn't show, but I'm glad we could discuss it this way.

mcCutcheon said...

incidentally... where are you watching the sopranos?