September 24, 2007

the (new) view

this one's for shazza.
as promised my office view. unfortunately it's my current one, which is nowhere near as nice as the one I had the first three weeks. actually it's pretty dull and the building site doesn't help either. unfortunately I haven't yet been able to sneak back into the nice-view-room for a quick pic, but I'll keep trying.

now, all I can offer is this:

and this:

and unfortunately also this:

the builing site on the left is not only ugly but loud too...


finn said...

i feel a little disoriented. you're facing which street here...?

I see you found your food pix on my camera...nice pictures!

Shazza said...

I'll have to see if I can sneak a picture from my boss's window. She has a view of the Benjamin Frankin bridge that is pretty cool, but also a view of the dumpsters from the restaurant next to us. It's a bitter sweet thing.

Thanks again McC!