September 24, 2007


When the office inhabitant left the room for a supposed smoke in the hallway she snuck into the room Veronica Mars-like to take the pictures. if the office inhabitant was indeed a smoker he would have stayed in the hallway longer and consequently wouldn't even have seen her. Very unVeroncialike however he did catch her when she was about to leave the room.

You see, shazza, I totally rode for a fall to get the pictures for you ;)

p.s. updated flickr.


Shazza said...

McC - you are AWSOME! I appreciated that you put your life and job in jeapordy for my sake!

Now I have a glimpse of Vienna!

Thank you so much for this.

Finn - your gf is the bestest! ;)

Shazza said...

So...what is that steepled building there in the background?