October 11, 2007

eat up!

sam's home. the operation went fine and he's started to roam a bit, but he's still quite groggy. the only thing is: he hasn't eaten or sipped water yet. and his ears are quite a bit colder than usually.


LG said...

If I had cajones, and they got cut off, I can only imagine that my ears would be cold and that I wouldn't want anything to eat or drink. Just saying.

mcCutcheon said...

yeah. ok. I get your point.
but in fact until midnight his ears had gotten warm and he accepted a piece of his favourite treat. and today he's already eating normal bunny food and drinking and lolling around. mostly he's sleeping though. cuz that's what our bunnies do in the morning :)

Shazza said...

Glad to hear Sam is feeling better. He's young enough that he won't remember what they were and what he needed them for!!!