October 17, 2007

food bad.

and three days pre-period my shopping spree ended badly...

and three days pre-period my shopping spree ended badly.
omg, I'm gonna grow fat if I don't get some discipline!
But the gummy candies aren't mine!!! I bought them for finn. Honestly, I don't eat that kinda stuff.


Shazza said...

Hormones be damned!!!

Finn - are the gummy worms really yours?

mcCutcheon said...

you don't trust me! I can't believe you don't trust me on that.

to be honest, I probably wouldn't trust a woman on hormones either ;) but seriously, gummy worms are icky!
shazza, do you get these cravings too or am I the only one who's hormones' bitch?

finn said...

no the gummy worms are not mine. she's just trying to make it sound as if they were, so she doesn't have to feel so bad about it...:)

mcCutcheon said...

ok, "honey", bring. it. on.
I'll kick your ass. that is as soon as I can safely get up off this couch. I'll just never bring you a surprise batch of gummy worms again. ever :p

I totally commit to the chocolat-ish stuff, but gummy worms... ick.