October 14, 2007

food principles

finn's mum has a birthday next week so we went to the obligatory "the grandparents want to have some kind of get together, never mind if the birthday person wants to"-event at finn's parent's house yesterday. We arrived for lunch, and then at about two p.m. the grandparents arrived for coffee and cake. The blissfully unsuspecting person that I am I dug into two slices of cake and half a slice of strudel. I hadn't even barely begun to process all that food when at half past four these people put a dinner of cold cuts on the table.


of course no one else but me was astounded by this practice. And of course I ate as well, after all there were really yummy foods. But we decided not to have any more dinner when we came home to our place, bursting at the seams we were...

More than two years, and I still don't get her family ;)

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LG said...

I would've done the same thing! That's ok, sometimes it's good to have dessert first.