October 19, 2007

In which McC gets a shopping shock

While innocently shopping for groceries at my local foodstore, something caught me by surprise.
What I glimpsed? Blogger still doesn't let me upload pictures, but I have them at flickr. Please click the following three links before you read on.


That kind of marketing just scares me. They're seriously selling apples one at a time, individually but neatly packed in a Schwarzenegger-box.
First of all: Why do I have to pack apples individually? That is so not a green thing to do! And also: why do I have to buy Schwarzenegger apples? Can't I just buy normal apples? You know, ... apples... that are not individually packed and carry Arnie's face.
And thirdly (and most importantly): If you're selling an apple from "Arnold Schwarzenegger's home country" in "Arnold Schwarzenegger's home country" it doesn't actually make sense to market it like that... sorry, nope, it doesn't. I'm amused.

1 comment:

Thomas J. Brown said...

What. The. Fuck.

Yeah, they don't market apples to us like this in the states.