October 24, 2007

no can do til burn a.k.a. mother!!!

My mum wants us to set up her computer again, because it's completely fucked and slow and horrible. She's been asking us for two years now. And for two years we've been telling her that she first has to back-up her data. Today she asked me for help again. Me: "Mum, have you backed up your data? We can't set it up unless you've got all your stuff burned to DVDs."

Apparently she "doesn't have time for that"... no wait, she "doesn't have the leisure to do it". Ultimately it changed to "I can't do it!". For fuck's sake I know that she knows how to burn a goddamn DVD! And it's not like she's constantly working (freelancer).

I stood firm: No can do until you back-up. Consequently she hung up on me quite abruptly, pretending everything was fine. Mother ...

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L. said...

gee, your family life is like a sitcom (no offense)
hope to see you someday!