October 10, 2007

quo usque tandem abutere ... bitch ... patientia nostra*

it's time. again. time for "people make me wanna barf"-day.
at least some people do. at least occasionally. it's time for an inane, rant.

and who's today's culprit for making McC sick? some lifestyle-journalist biatch who thinks she's better than everyone else. OK, maybe she doesn't actually think that. I wouldn't know, but that's how she behaves. and I resent her success. not that I'd want bitch-like success, but I want normal success and these days things are going a bit slow. maybe she can sell herself better (thus: bitch). The problem I have is that I fear her way may be the right way for success in this business. What does it help me that I'm interested in politics, world happenings, media - and I inanely insist that makes me smarter than her - if all you have to do is whore yourself out?

oh my, end of rant. delete rant from memory, please, considering it's one of my rather uglier moments ;)

* How long are you planning to abuse our patience?
from Cicero's oration against Catilina.

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