October 16, 2007

You can have your bread and eat it too

Our bunnies like dry, hardened bread.

Sam likes to it eat.

Lorelei however likes to pick it up with her teeth, run around the living room enclosure, jump over the tunnel, run through the tunnel (where poor Sam is holding out), do a lap of honour and finally stand up on her hind legs for a minute - all the while keeping the piece of bread in her mouth - until she jumps back into the cage and onto the roof of the "house" where she drops the bread and watches it flop down from the roof onto the floor of the cage.

Then she tries to eat it.

And then she picks it up again and carries it into the tunnel to share it with her brother. She's officially a nutty bunny. And she might need therapy for thinking she's a dog. If only she'd learn to retrieve me some snacks ;)

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