November 25, 2007

another meme

another meme. My head's to heavy to do anything more useful

- Attached or single: Pretty attached.

B - Best Friend: I have a girlfriend. Guess who's my cliché best friend?

C - Cake or Pie: As long as I can eat it too I'm fine with either. Traditionally in Austria it would be easier to get your hands on cake though.

D - Day of choice: Saturday. Because it's the weekend and doesn't have the fleeting feeling of a Sunday, like weekend-time is running through your hands.

E - Essential Item: My lactase tablets. I just might happen to eat something with milk in it.

F - Favorite Color: red-orange-ish. or teal. I really don't know.

G - Gummi Bears or Worms: ew. I hate gummi candy.

H - Hometown: Vienna-

I - Indulgence(s): Food & Cooking. TV & Movies. Time.

J - January or July: January. I hate baking in the sun.

K - Kids: maybe.

L - Life is Incomplete Without: Creativity.

M - Marriage Date: huh?

N - Number of Siblings: Zero. Unfortunately.

O - Oranges or Apples: Apples. Less messy to eat. But I wouldn't say no to orange juice either.

P - Phobias or Fears: Fear of loss, but it's under control now. Otherwise just a bit neurotic.

Q - Quote(s): "We're you archnemesis-es-eees."

R - Reason To Smile: Lots and lots.

S - Season: Autumn all the way. I wish it would last longer.

T - Tag Three +: Tagging means linking. And I can't be bothered with that now. (see big, heavy head)

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I almost became a pro musician.

V - Vegetarian or Carnivore: I eat meat but I don't eat a lot of it. I like my veggies.

W - Worst Habit: Over analyzing TV/movies while watching. Out loud.

X - X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Neither is what I'd choose to do in my free time, but Ultrasounds are usually less uncomfortable. I seem to always have x-rays where I have to get into some weird position so they can shoot say some hardly accessible area of my shoulder.

Y - Your Favorite Food: Is food a valid answer to this?

Z - Zodiac: Capricorn. But given that I was born on the 23rd of December I have been told I'm very much a Sagittarius too. Whatever.


Shazza said...

Pro-Musician? What was your instrument of choice?

(I stole your idea and posted a similar questionairre on my blog as well!)

mcCutcheon said...

I played the bassoon :)

LG said...

Ha, that's exactly why I did this ABC thing too, it didn't require a lot of thinking. Love your answers, though.