November 21, 2007

swirly mind

I barely made it home last night. Walking was a feat by itself. But I did make it to the door, where Finn basically picked me off the doormat and deposited me in a hot bath. At that time I could still read the paper, but once I came out of the tub I was feeling woozy and incredibly weak. So I went to bed. At 7 p.m. I don't think I've ever done that before. Ever.

Today, after a night of interrupted, painful sleep, I still feel like a piece of shit. But at least I'm just a little dizzy and the pain in my muscles and bones is pretty much gone. Fortunately my boss is the understanding kind and told me to stay the fuck at home, get better and not worry.


LG said...

Hey, be grateful for a boss like that. Some are not so understanding. Last winter everyone kept coming to work sick, and got everyone else sick, etc ... it was ridiculous.

Shazza said...

How are you feeling McC? I hope you are doing better!

ritu said...

drink some hot water with spoon of honey and ginger if you can get hold of any.
also some water boiled with black pepper will help the sore throat
hope you are better now

mcCutcheon said...

I always mix some honey w/ ginger and some lemon juice and spoon it. I didn't know about the pepper water though. thank you. for now I'm good, but I'll sure need it next time :)

p.s. good to have you back on the blogs, ritu!

ritu said...

thanks Andie,
tried hibernation . did not work too well. I must admit I like being back.
hope you are feeling better.