November 27, 2007

paint this planet red

There are songs that infallibly make me infinitely happy. One of them is Perfect Lovesong by The Divine Comedy. It also happens to be a perfect lovesong. Generally a song that features a line like we'll paint this planet red has already won by my rule book. That line was so strong and important for me when I was between 16 and 18, before I temporarily lost my ability to paint the world any color I wanted. Now I don't feel it as strongly as my 16-year old self used to, but I still get the broader sense of what it means to me although I don't have that time and energy anymore. And I still occasionally miss the people I painted this, our, world with, and belting out this song.

My point and I do have one is... go forth and love this song, people. And paint the planet a little.

Give me your love
And I'll give you the perfect lovesong
With a divine Beatles bassline
And a big old Beach Boys sound
I'll match you pound for pound
Like heavy-weights in the final round
We'll hold on to each other
So we don't fall down

I think The Divine Comedy makes me happy in general, because then there's also Generation Sex. I have to say though the videos seem to take away a lot from the music, but youtube is there and I can't be bothered trying to upload mp3s. So just try closing you're eyes or step away from the computer and dance crazy in your living room/office/bedroom/coffee shop :)

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