November 16, 2007

this snow just beat the first snow

remember my glee about this year's first snow? Nothing against what greeted us today. Finn took the camera with her so you'll only be treated to camera phone pictures.

I'm totally in Christmas mood now and almost look forward to trudging through the snow to my parents' place to repair something on their computer. Damnit I love snow :)


Shazza said...

Can I come visit you? I want snooooowww.

I don't think we are going to get any this year.

mcCutcheon said...

Anytime you want :) unfortunately however snow is not guaranteed to stay anymore. Back when I was a kid we'd have a white Christmas even in the city almost every year. But that's long over, at least in the city. the first snow is usually gone within a day or two and only shows up again as slush sometime around February. It's pretty sad actually.