December 26, 2007

Christmas time

I'm not a very traditional gal, so of course I forgot/didn't have time to post Christmas wishes actually before Christmas. But I do hope that all of you had a very lovely Christmas and enjoyed the last couple of days with whomever you spent them with :)

Here's a quick update on my Christmas which was actually very enjoyable. Finn's family - where we had dinner - was a bit on edge this year, but fortunately the situation never escalated. My family was peaceful and I really enjoyed going there after the loudness at Finn's parents'. My dad even made me my favourite cake this year and my mum decorated it - I think they haven't done that this properly in years. I absolutely loved it. I also got some really cool presents and not only money (as much as I can make use of it I hate money presents).

I had been fretting so much about my birthday, but it turned out great. We spent a comfy morning at home and then Finn took me Carrera racing. Back at home my friend C. dropped by and gave me a cookbook and stuff and a ticket to a Herman van Veen concert. Yay, cause I love Herman van Veen. And then later Finn and I made ourselves some sushi.

Right now I'm trying to catch up with all the online stuff while Finn is playing golf on the awesomest of awesome Wii that she bought for us for Christmas. I have eaten way too much candy and can still not stop ;) Tomorrow I'll go work but on Friday we're leaving for our mini-holiday. After that I will have to turn to my thesis and finally get something done. But only in the new year will I be prepared to do so.

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