December 17, 2007

one, two, three, four

one: on saturday someone put me in a time machine, because the mika vember concert at the frauencafé (got to finn's soundcafé for more info) made me feel like I was in a lesbian coffeehouse in the early 90ies listening to ani. at least that's what I imagine it must have been like back then. also mika vember brings lyrics to life that I have come to expect only from musicians the likes of ani d. and tori amos. so that's impressive.

two: this weekend I made:
a batch of Vanillekipferl
a batch of rum balls
a new york cheesecake
coffee sirup
egg liqueur
coffee liqueur
and a cous cous salad

exhaustive cooking, is what that is.

three: I have been officially asked to extend my internship at the paper into a regular contribution. I have to pay for my social security myself and so forth, but at least I semi-have a job. so that's good.

four: I don't have a four, but I'm sure something will happen today. something always does.


Shazza said...

WOW! I'm coming over to your house!!! All the food sounds yummmyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Especially the rum balls and the vanillekipferl, oh and the cheesecake and coffee liquer!

Congrats on the internship! That is AWESOME!

LG said...

Yeah, can I come over and eat while we celebrate on the internship extension? I'll bring wine and vodka.