January 03, 2008

Happy belated New Year, everyone!

Based on shazza's confession of being an old married fart I shall confess to: we're young married farts. We had planned for a friendly couple of ours to come over on New Year's Eve to have fondue with us. I had already prepared three different dips when we got the call that one of the girls was sick to her stomach. They insisted we'd come to their place to eat, but we decided it would probably be better for her not to eat at all and not have to watch us indulge. We postponed the dinner to the next day, no problem with that, but we ended up spending the evening alone at home again, playing on the Wii and watching Ally McBeal. How boring can ye be?

Afterwards we found out that Mika Vember had had a gig that evening. We'd probably have gone, if we hadn't found out two days later. And hey, that wasn't even our fault, not this time ;)


ritu said...

ok so we have old married farts, young married farts and then we have just plain farts..
very year for the last 15 years I spend new years eve working in the restaurant, GF comes over so that at least we get to wish each other, then finally when i finish i am too tired even to eat, so we just come back home, and I am out like a light in a minute..
so what so of farts does that make us??
:o) :o)

mcCutcheon said...

hmmm... workaholic farts? ;)

ritu said...

lol could be.. but i am getting lazy.. saturday night and i don't want to work, hoping to get out of it so gf and i can go out for dinner, and then sit by the fireplace at home.
so workaholic farts might not work.. Heh heh