January 03, 2008

va va vrooom in the snow

There are days that I really really really like my job. Like today when I got to go for a ride on a snowmobile. Don't laugh, for me this is a big thing as I've never done this before but always wanted to. Somehow my mum was very successful in keeping me from anything even remotely dangerous when I was a child. Seriously, snowmobiles rock :D

Not that we looked anything like this, but it was way cool nonetheless.

other than that my day was pretty crappy. drove around for ages to find a parking spot, stepped out of the car and directly into a pile of dogshit. grrrr. oh and by the way, I've been up since 6:30, working since 8 and right now it's past 5 and I'll probably still be at work half an hour from now. MUST! SLEEP! MUST MUST!

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