January 16, 2008

meme again

1. Name: mcC, tonks, irving, löwenzahn - I like variety with my nicknames

2. Birthday: December 23

3. Where do you live: Vienna, Europe.

4. Right or Left handed: right, though you'd think I was writing with the wrong hand from what my writing looks like

5. Favorite color: red

6. Favorite sport: Skiing, shinergy. to watch: muay thai and other fighting sports

7. Biggest Fear: not being able to finish my thesis in time.

8. Status: see previous blogpost about actually getting a good amount of sleep last night.

9. Do you have a crush on someone? I think we're past crush, sad but true

Your last....

1. Cigrette: There was a time when I smoked 30 hand-rolled cigarettes a day. And then I stopped. And then I drove everyone, including myself, crazy when I went cold turkey. That was almost three years ago. Do I still miss it,? Hell, yeah! The ritual of a cigarette, yes. But definitely not in a I-want-to-start-again way. I have had a couple of occasional cigarettes since then, not even on a regular basis. But ususally they taste awful now. And I've never been tempted to start again. Yuck, being a whore to my nicotine again, no thanks.

2. Beverage: Tap Water. There's a bottle on my desk and I'm strangely thirsty today.

3. Kiss: This morning.

4. Hug: This morning.

5. Movie seen: actually AT a theatre: The Golden Compass

6. CD played: Mika Vember - Now or now.

7. Song listened to: Ani DiFranco - 78% Water

8. Bubble bath: Last week when I got home from work knackered.

9. Time you cried: I'm continuously and chronically tired - I find myself brimming with tears simply when a tree drops a leaf.

Eight Have-You-Ever's:

1. Dated one of your best friends or wanted to? Not exactly. No, I don't think you could put it like that. I never dated. But did I sleep with my friends? hm...

2. Skinny dipped: I grew up at a small lake. Go figure.

3. Kissed somebody and regretted it: I remember a certain incident where I felt like I was kissing a washing machine. yuck. unfortunately there were others to regret as well.

4. Liked someone you knew you couldn't have: Guilty as charged.

5. Been overseas: I'm not sure. If overseas from Europe includes Israel and Egypt, then yes I've been overseas. But I've never been to the U.S., Oceania or Asia.

6. Dressed in costume: Some mornings my hair decides that I should in fact be dressing up as a puck to match the hairstyle.

7. Been drunk: A lifetime ago.

8. Run away: When I was 19 I spent a couple of nights on couches because I had an enormous fight with my father. From other things I still run away everyday. Like my thesis for example.

Two Things That You Want To Be When You Grow Up:

1. Huh?

Grow up?

Jeez, I actually enjoyed this meme. Now back to work I am.

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